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Verge at Osmena Peak, Cebu City Philippines

Travel. Verge started traveling since he was in the primary school as his father was a sailor. It was Friday, March 8 of 1996 where he had his first airplane ride with Philippine Airlines. Every holidays and summer from year 1994 to 1999, he spends a month or two sailing inter island with his dad and learned significant importance on degree difference between starboard and port directions. As a 9 year old kid, he learned map reading, sonar measurement and fishing techniques, which paved the way to greater understanding on technical navigation and appreciation on sailor’s way of living.

His father was the 2nd mate of M/V Bia, a cargo ship, carrying Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) within Asia and the Pacific, became the Chief mate of M/V Bangus, a sister ship then a captain of M/V Bisugo, a year after. Verge had a 5-year early childhood travel experience, sailing through Sri Lanka, Maldives and Papua New Guinea – and the Philippine archipelago often times Mariveles, Bataan and JT4 port in Batangas down to Davao in Mindanao.

His exposure to different nationalities while spending summer on the cargo ship widens his horizons on rich culture, beliefs, religion and the way of living – not to mention, politics. This kindled the interest to travel and get to know more the world but was put out when his father died last May of 2001.

Seeking opportunities and putting up a web development firm abroad kick started his interest. His passion to travel rekindled... Join him in his travels, adventures & backpacking getaways... 

Mother & Child taken at the streets of Cambodia

Photography. I have been loving photography for over 9 years now, and have been publishing online tutorials for quite a while. What's more, since the greater part of my classes are online and accessible for everyone, people often ask me why I do all of this. So I thought I would incorporate this on my online journal to tell you why I love photography to such an extent. In the advent of mobile phones with superb technical specifications together with gazillions of filters available online, people are getting into photography easily which is really really great!

I see the world and light in an entirely new manner 

Before I got into photography, I would see a tree loaded with fall hues, drive by a delightful slope of blooms, take a gander at snow secured mountains, see somebody's face with huge amounts of character, and truly, I didn't pay consideration on those points of interest. I recollect driving with my mom and she would say "take a gander at the astonishing hues in these trees" and I would say "uh huh”. It was not until I got my very first DSLR quite a long time ago and started taking photographs and seeing color spectrum and saturation on my AOC 22 inch monitor, that I started to see points of interest, hues and light in an entirely new manner. 

Turning passion to business solutions

A technology and web enthusiast with extensive experience on business development, UI|UX, web development. Had developed brand and corporate identities, websites, advertisements, annual reports and sales collateral for clients in retail, professional services, technology and printing industries with 10 years of practical software.


1987 – Born on Feb 10 at 12:15PM in the town of Hilongos, Leyte
2008 – Worked for MNCs: Convergys, Microsoft & Time Warner Cable
2013 – Went full time on Freelance and establishing businesses
2015 – Travelled the world & become a certified PADI Diving Professional
2017 – Diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer in New Zealand
2018 – Went overseas to learn and shared the passion


Singapore-based, learner of life and continue to share passion to business solution with you!

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