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How much will a travel insurance cost?

Going on a trip? Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, travel insurances are designed to cover the unexpected and give you peace of mind so you can have a worry-free trip.

Let's get down directly to the bottom line - let's simplify it. I know there's tons of pages to read and this is not something that you might want to spend your week with.

Let's get started! You have 2 types of travel insurance to choose from:
  1. Total number of days you will be traveling
  2. Annual travel insurance plans
Now, tell me... how much?
The table above is a matrix between how much you will be paying and the total number of days you will be traveling. Say, if you are traveling from Cebu to Manila or anywhere in the world within 4 days, you will pay Php 360.00 (if you are traveling solo) for you to be covered.

Not those tables... 
Well, let's simplify it again. Those plan types such as Executive Peso Plan, De Luxe Peso Plan, Privilege Peso Plan and so on are categories of the amount that you will be paying. The bigger you pay for the insurance, the higher your coverage rates are. 

Oh, how about the annual travel insurance plans?

Now, what will you get from paying a travel insurance? Here's what it covers:

Where to get it?  
Lupad Travel PH Co is one of Blue Cross certified partners in the Philippines that provides such service. You can get in touch with them through or call them at +63 032 414 1258. They can explain the contract with you thoroughly - don't hesitate to ask.

How to get started? 
Get the details straight from the flight dates, total number of days to be covered and what countries you will be visiting. You simply need to provide your personal details and of course, your payment.

When to get it?
You can get it anytime - but not on the day or a day before your travel date. It takes 24 hours for your travel insurance official confirmation of coverage to be prepared - from filling up the form, to posting of payment down to uploading to database and for all concerned parties to be notified. You can get it a week, a month or even a year before your travel date.

Now, let's pack up our bags and have a sound mind when traveling.

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