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Apple iOS 8 now available for download

The long wait is over - Apple iOS 8 is now available for download through iTunes or through phone Wifi download. If you wanted to update it through the wifi update, you need to ensure that you have 4.7GB free space. If you have a gazillion of selfie photos, it's time to say bye bye. Backup. You can make more storage available by deleting your duck faces. I am sure that your an app collector - start digging those unused apps. Pretty sure you have also the newest Billboards Top Hits for September, I guess you need to say bye bye to your Frank Sinatra music.

Who can upgrade? If you've got an iPhone 4S, an iPad 2, or a 1st generation iPad Mini though, you should consider staying behind. These are the oldest devices eligible to upgrade to iOS 8, and they could get sluggish. The iPhone 4s, for example, runs up to 50 percent slower at certain tasks, and the older iPads are unlikely to fair much better. It's possible that will improve with further iOS 8 updates! But for now you probably want to wait.

So, what's new?

User Interface

Updates on skin, theme and that candy-like feel of icons and use of pastel shades. 

Edit your Duck Face like a Pro.
More tools to edit your duck face selfie photo. Let's say a combination of Instagram's filter, color enhancement tools of VSCO, frames, timelapse, tilt, better searching, indexing and organisation of your 16GB worth of selfie.

Improved Messages
Let's say, if you have used Viber, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Line, Yahoo Messenger, Skype - All in one.
Send message, attach, send pictures and videos, show map and direction for your booty calls, group message like Dear Pangga or Papa Joe.

T9 Dictionary, GO Keyboard, GO Launcher on iOS8?
A keyboard that autocorrects, predictive text, it learns your writing ability and choose of words, new third-party keyboard experiences - yes, something that of the Android counterpart, it's just its Apple. :p

Family Sharing, where are Dad's porn collection?
The family that stays together, organize things together and has only 1 photo album, 1 calendar, 1 music playlist... Yes, its just like Homegroup in Windows, its just its Apple.

iCloud Drive
Any kind of file on all your devices - duh!? Cloud technology!
Well good luck if you are in the Philippines. Better get a USB 16GB instead from CDR-King.

Health. How fat are you again?
An entirely new way to use your health and ļ¬tness information. Health app provides you with good tools to keep you healthy and young. Body measurements, exercises done, sleeping patterns and habits. Let's talk about fitness, all in one.

Got a Mac? iPhone? iPad? If you don't have any but just 1 Apple device, nevermind!
This feature simply let's you continue one task from one device to the other. From creating an email, writing a text message or even answering a phone call, all across devices. Isn't it amazing? Well yes it is, now get your self a Mac or an iPad! Shoo! Go! Oh, will work with Mac if you have OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Spotlight. Smarter Indexing Capability
Smarter way of searching - slide down and unlock all search possibilities. This feature is like that of instant search suggestions - maps, movies, wikipedia - on browsers. First introduce by Internet Explorer v8, then Chrome, then Firefox...
Now on iOS8,  its just its Apple.

So, what are you waiting for...
Download today and experience Windows & Android on Mac!

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