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Break Out 2015 showcases world class talents

University of Cebu Break Out 2015
September 9 at Cebu Coliseum. University of Cebu (UC) celebrates its annual Break Out, a concert that showcases jaw-dropping talents of the students and alumni.  UC opens their drapes for the Break Out 2015 show from September 9 to 10 . The concert showcases skills and raw talents of the students and alumni coming from distinctive divisions and organisations of the college .The event provides an opportunity for students to shape an entire production with the guidance and supervision of faculty.

The concert has been a fan favourite for the past several years, selling out almost every performance. The concert includes dance, theatre and also encompasses more types of performing arts.

The Breakout 2015 is constantly high in quality, and this year is no exemption. I may go as far to say that to the extent quality and ability is concerned, it is turning out to be the best they ever had. The extent and sorts of moves is broad, including tap, expressive dance, jazz, and advanced with in the middle of exhibitions of the 3 gay trios. 

Understudies have been putting in additional vitality to guarantee that the show exit with an extravagant flair.

The Fidelis Choir Family, together with some of the Break Out 2015 performers
A few highlights of the current year's creation include:

Chicago. A rich, insignificantly organized restoration of Kander and Ebb's lumpy, ironical musical - desire, foul play, and homicide among theme young ladies and backstage sorts in old Chicago. 

Moulin Rouge. Cue dreamcasting! From the moment this Baz Luhrmann classic was released in 2001, we’ve been picturing what it would look like jumping from screen to stage. And you have too. Admit it. Strictly Ballroom, another Luhrmann flick, received the live treatment earlier this year in Sydney and is soon heading to Melbourne. Here’s hoping that Satine, Christian and the Diamond Dogs are next. And to that, we say come what may.

The Lion King. In Julie Taymor's innovative retelling of Disney's vivified hit, manikins and live performing artists weave a dreamscape of wilderness characters as we take after youthful Simba's ascent to the throne. 

The Phantom of the Opera. In this fantastic musical - the longest running in Broadway history - a repulsively twisted man lives in the basements of the Paris Opera and takes a wonderful soprano as an understudy. 

Edil (Nang Deling) as one of the performers
Les Miserables. An all new form of the exemplary musical comes back to Broadway's Imperial Theater, where the first creation kept running for over 10 years.

Mamma Mia. his exuberant pop musical including the melodies of '70s Swedish super-aggregate ABBA has been playing to eager daily overwhelming applauses for over 10 years.

It was a three (3) hour pure entertainment to its finest and looking forward to the next year's performance - definitely will be around. I couldn't have been more thankful to Fidelis Choir for dragging me especially to Ms Anne-Nallyn Bayo for the tickets.

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