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The battle against Thyroid Cancer has just begun, join me in this fight!

After a refreshing 30-minute dog walking Roid while sun is setting, a few realizations kicked in. I have been receiving numerous inquiries about my fight against Papillary Thyroid Cancer (PTCA) from the surgery preparation, the lab works needed, the availability of medical assistance, the hormones, diet, coping with the situation and many others. Replying individually on these inquiries were very helpful but it took some time which could have been spent on other things.

It has been nearly 3 months since the surgery. My body is well rested, my mind is all set, my emotions is stable, I felt the urge to tick down some of the deliverables on my bucket list - to sit down and write the experience.

I stopped my thyroid replacement hormone pill last 5th of February to prepare for a high dose of 125mci RadioActive Iodine treatment, I-131 as the nuclear medical practitioner calls it. Radioactive Iodine (RAI or I-131) plays a valuable role in treating thyroid cancers since it is taken up only by the thyroid gland. I-131 is the destructive form of nuclear tablet used to destroy thyroid tissue in the treatment of thyroid cancer.

Today, February 26, marks one of the very important day of the journey. I had my blood extracted this morning to test for my TSH level; should my level hits the mark then I am all up for my to follow my treatment plan.

A text message received today, making a follow up on my test results and a notification requesting o confirm my appointment for them to order the medicine in Manila.

Dr. Charles Tan, who practices Internal Medicine and specializes in Nuclear Medicine at Perpetual Succour Hospital required for my TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone) levels to be more than 30 but guess what, I think I must have perfected the requirement - my levels were high, at >100.

With the results from HP Diagnostic, it going to be a GO SIGNAL for me this March 5. I have set an appointment with the hospital where I do the treatment.

You must be puzzled and wondering what those terms are, I am puzzled as you are too when I started. The reason why I had this written is for me to help educate the public and the readers on the terminologies, the procedures, and the frequently asked questions on a personal level - based on my experience and the best of my understanding. A category Thyroid Cancer label / category has been added on this blog to filter, streamline and group all articles related.

From this day forward, we will be discussing and sharing to you a list that I have initially in mind. This includes but not limited to Newly Diagnosed, Handling Emotional & Psychological Effects, Thyroid Cancer Facts & Statistics, Types, Stages, & Treatments, Lab Tests, RadioActive Iodine Treatment, Low-Iodine Diet and Cookbook, Finding Specialist, Medical Assistance programs available, local support groups, online resources and all other related information that I first need to category for easy reading and modularized approach.

Join me in fighting Thyroid Cancer by sharing this blog. Feel free to add me up on Facebook and we can chat about it too! More articles to come and keep posted.

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