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Extremely Disappointed with NakedGlass SG Warranty Service

I purchased a NakedGlass nano film for my Pixel 6A smartphone last 17th of March 2023, and I must say that I am utterly disappointed with the warranty service provided by this company. The entire experience has left me frustrated and dissatisfied with their product and customer support.

When I bought the nano film, I was informed by the sales representative that it came with a one-year warranty, allowing me to replace the film up to four times if it tore or got damaged. Sounds great, right? Well, don't be fooled by their false promises.

Just a week after purchasing the product, the nano film unexpectedly tore while it was stored in my bag, along with my keys. I visited the store where I bought it and, to my surprise, they replaced it without any hassle or request for a warranty card. I was initially impressed by their quick resolution.

However, my perception quickly changed when I faced the same issue a couple of months later. This time, when I returned to the store for another replacement, they insisted on me providing a warranty card. The problem? I was never given a warranty card during the purchase or the first replacement. How am I supposed to produce something that was never given to me in the first place?

Frustrated, I contacted NakedGlass customer support, hoping they would understand the situation and help resolve the matter. Unfortunately, they were just as unhelpful as the store. They also demanded a warranty card, disregarding my explanations and dismissing the fact that I had previously received a replacement without one.

This blatant inconsistency in their warranty policy and the lack of proper communication is unacceptable. If NakedGlass expects their customers to adhere to certain requirements, they should ensure that those requirements are communicated clearly and consistently.

I am deeply disappointed with NakedGlass. Their false promises, lack of transparency, and unwillingness to rectify the situation have left a sour taste in my mouth. I trusted this company to deliver on their warranty service, but they have failed miserably.

I urge potential buyers to think twice before purchasing any products from NakedGlass. Don't be swayed by their claims of a warranty. They simply do not honor it unless you possess a mythical warranty card that they conveniently forget to provide.

I regret my decision to choose NakedGlass, and I strongly advise others to seek alternative brands that prioritize customer satisfaction and uphold their warranty promises. NakedGlass has lost my trust, and I will never be a customer again.

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