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Canigao Island, Matalom Leyte – every backpacker’s paradise

Situated about 2 kilometers from the shores of Matalom, Leyte is a Boracay like paradise surrounded by pristine white sands – the Canigao Island. A 15 minute motor boat ride from the Matalom municipal hall will take you to the 400 square meter islet.

Circumnavigating around the island will just be about 20 minutes or less depending on your usual walking pace. Since island’s electricity is produced through generators, they are mindful on the usage, providing just 1 light source on each cottage when you’re staying overnight – no outlet to plug in your devices on the cottage. It would be best to bring battery pack. However, you can charge your devices at the stores in the center of the island at Php 20.00 per hour or you can get it free from the station where there island management team resides – feel free to ask around.

Snorkeling. The island has a fish sanctuary, almost half of the island where you can snorkel. There are no snorkeling equipment for rent, better bring your own set of fins and mask if planning to see thousands of giant clams, about the size of a coconut husk, in different colors,  and oysters too.

The place also is abundant with NEMOs... thousands of them too, yes… clown fish – biggest clown fish that I saw was a palm-size – enormous isn’t it.

How much will it cost?

Entrance Fee for adults at Php 40.00 while 8 years old and below will be at Php 20.00. Round trip Boat Fare (Matalom Port – Canigao Island) for Adult will cost Php 60.00 while 8 years old and below at Php 30.00.

Cottages / Rent
Day Use – Php 500.00
Overnight Use – Php 700.00

Day Use: Php 100.00
Overnight: Php 300.00

Tables / Chairs:
5 Chairs – Php 50.00
Tables included on the cottages
If you didn't rent a cottage, it will cost you Php 50.00 per table

Seafood & sea shells
Php 100 – 220 depending on the shell fish type

This one? Got it at Php 100.00 per bucket - about 40 pieces of these. Cheap isn't it?

Oh, did I just mentioned NEMO? 
Here are some of the underwater pictures from Alex, the author of Backpacker's Paradise.

And a family of some angel fish under the bamboo raft.

Now, where is it again?

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