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Caves, wild monkeys and fruit bats in Brgy Bontoc, Hindang, Leyte

Brgy. Bontoc, Hindang Leyte - local stories has it that in every town fiesta, people get to go to these caves to borrow kitchen utensils from the mythical creatures. They need to return the things in pristine conditions else they won't be able borrow those again and bad luck for the whole year round for the family. 

Upon entering into these caves, you will be welcomed by monkeys - local refers them to be the guardians of the caves. These monkeys were the ones that checks and examines kitchen wares for dents and damages.

Phillip, Grace, Alex & Lasse entering the cave.

This is how the 2nd cave looks like.

Verge learned this story from his grand father as they were locals 
- he grew up in Hilongos, Leyte which is the next municipality from Hindang.

How much would it cost you? From Hilongos, you can:
  • Ride a motorcycle to Hindang - 1 motorcycle can fit about 8 people. Fare for each will be Php15.00 each. You can have a chartered ride at Php 120.00 without waiting for passengers for one way. This will be a 12 kilometer ride.
  • Ride a bus going north of Leyte, will cost you about Php 25.00. Since it will be about 300 meters from the national road, you still need to ride a motorcycle to the site, an additional Php 20.00 for this ride.
Entrance Fees: Php 20.00 entrance fee  & Php 20.00 for car parking or Php 10.00 for motorcycle parking.

What to see:
  1. Caves - there are about 5 of them in the area
  2. Monkey - a troop of them that will welcome you to ask for some bananas
  3. Zip Line - will cost you Php 180.00
  4. Bats - fruit bats and of course guano
  5. Overlooking the municipality of Hindang

Definitely a mystical place worth visiting.

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