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Quintessentially Feminine by Janice Minor

Janice Minor and her creations - best quintessential pieces

Organic pieces: Treasures from Nature – June 4, 2011 marks the launch of Binibini by Janice Minor. A fashion ramp show casing Cebu’s best quintessential pieces for the woman of the world including native high class bags, jewelries and fashion accessories. Janice Minor, the brand associated with high-end furniture and home accessories, unveils the Binibini Jewellery linethat both echoes and transmutes the finely crafted meubles and objet d’ arts to personal adornment. Binibini is a Philippine womanhood in full bloom. Janice Minor brings to the Binibini Jewellery Collection confidence, matuarity, and elegance at home in any age and culture.
Binibini by Janice Minor is a celebration of Philippine gemstones: Philippine Petrified oood, Archipelagic Malachite, Onyx, Jaspers, Pyrite, Chalcedony, Amethyst and Tectites. Janice Minor has pioneered in the sourcing, processing and innovation of the gemstones for use in fashion jewellery. This is the first time ever that they are available to the fashion world. Each piece is artistically wrought by hand. The gemstones are themselves unique in their striations and colour resulting from inclusions of any mixture of minerals. They are also organically assymmetric in shape and are thus under processed to bring about their natural qualities. The Binibini Jewellery Collection by Janice Minor is a lasting statement of beauty.

A bangle mounted by a Petrified Wood slab with inclusions of Onyx and Pyriteset in 24k gold plated sterling silver. Silver plated Japanese beads complete the band. Three square facetted Scenic Agate slabs are encased in a sterling silver setting plated in 24k gold.
Malachite is a rare mineral entwined with copper and turquoise. Copper mining yields serendipitous amounts of Malachite. The particular Malachite slab shown, was selected to create three pieces of jewelry and came from a premier specimen found in the Belgian Congo. These pieces were chosen for their bold and dark green striations.

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