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Where to get quality guitar in downtown Cebu?

Cebu City known as the "Queen City of the South", also called the "City of Guitars" kept its secrets in the outskirts of Cebu. A standout amongst the most well known gifts from Cebu is its guitars and Cebu guitars have the peculiarity of being one of the best guitars in the Philippines and known for their novel sound and best craftsmanship. Places, for example, Abuno, Mactan, Opon, and Lapu-Lapu City are those spots with guitar manufacturing plants in Cebu, and the prevalent ones are Inday Celia's, Susing's Guitars and Alegre Guitars.

Guitars are made in different kinds and of varying sorts. In Cebu , you can discover numerous types of guitars both acoustic and electric guitars types. For the acoustic ones, they used to offer traditional, steel-best, 12-string guitar, resonator, curve top, and the acoustic bass. For guitar collectors, they can discover exceptionally made string instruments like the Bass, Ukelele, Banduria all with unprecedented decals like abalone shells. Some are made from shell fish and even turtle shells. The most common material type used to create perfect guitars are Langka (jackfruit), Narra (the Philippine National Tree) and the dark wood "kamagong".

If you are meandering around Cebu and doesn't have enough time to go and compare different guitar quality, you can go down town in Lincoln Street near Manalili. There lies a strip and a handful of stores of the best guitar quality.

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