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Apple Watch, a must watch

Introducing Apple Watch

 Apple Watch

Stainless Steel Case with Stainless Steel Link Bracelet

Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition

It’s an extremely precise and customizable timepiece.

It’s an intimate way to connect and communicate.
It’s a comprehensive health and fitness companion.

So? How did started? What motivates Apple to innovate such masterpiece?

The Macintosh introduced the mouse. 
This simplified navigation on the personal computer

The iPod introduced the Click Wheel.
This made it easy to scroll through thousands of songs in the palm of your hand.

iPhone introduced Multi-Touch.
It was a new way to interact with photos, music, apps, and all the information you use throughout the day.

“It’s driven Apple from the beginning. This compulsion to take incredibly powerful technology, and make it accessible, relevant, and ultimately, personal.”
– Jony Ive

How to use Apple Watch and it's features

Apple Watch introduces the Digital Crown.

It’s a versatile tool that answers the fundamental challenge of how to magnify content on a small display.

With the Digital Crown, you can scroll, zoom, and navigate Apple Watch without covering the display. To talk about the concept and design of Apple Watch, we’ve made a video featuring Jony Ive. 

The Digital Crown lets you navigate Apple Watch fluidly and precisely.
Magnify content, scroll through lists and messages, and make selections. All without obstructing the screen.

Apple Watch has a flexible Retina display. It's laminated to a single crystal of sapphire, the hardest transparent material after diamond.

Infrared and visible-light LEDs, along with photosensors, detect your pulse rate. 
Working with other technologies in Apple Watch, these help provide a comprehensive picture of your daily activity. 

To get to your apps, just press the Digital Crown.
The Home screen looks familiar, but it’s a new experience designed for the Apple Watch display. 

To get to the clock, tap the Clock app icon
To switch between watch face designs, just use Force Touch and swipe. To choose a watch face, tap it. 

You know you have incoming communication when you feel it on your wrist. 
You always have complete control of what information reaches your Apple Watch.

Receive and send messages in amazing ways — from your wrist. 
Send preset phrases, smart responses based on your conversation, audio messages, your location — even interactive emojis.

Apple Watch has Siri. Press and hold the Digital Crown to activate. Dictate a message, check your calendar, find the nearest coffee shop, and more. Siri is at your service.

You’ll know this town like the back of your hand. With Maps, Apple Watch can show your current location, turn-by-turn directions, and how long it will take to get to your destination. Maps doesn’t just show you the way, it guides you to go right or left with a tap. Press the side button to bring up Friends, a place to see the people you stay in touch with most. From Friends, you can make a call, send a message, or connect with new Digital Touch features. If your friend has an Apple Watch, you can give them a gentle tap on the wrist, even if they’re thousands of miles away.

Digital Touch on Apple Watch makes communication more intimate.

Send a flower. Send a fish. Send any sketch with your finger.

With Apple Watch, you can share something as personal as the beating of your heart.
Press two fingers on the screen to capture and send your heartbeat.

Apple Watch is an entirely new opportunity for developers. And it’s simple for them to extend their apps to Apple Watch. Kevin Lynch introduces WatchKit. It gives developers all the tools they need to extend their apps to Apple Watch.

WatchKit lets developers make apps that appear right on the home screen of Apple Watch. Apps built with WatchKit take advantage of the larger battery and processing power in your iPhone. While displaying the app on Apple Watch. WatchKit apps can incorporate Glances.

Apple Watch comes with two apps that give a complete picture of your health and fitness.
The Activity app monitors movement throughout the day. The Workout app tracks dedicated workouts.

Some of the world’s most respected health and fitness experts helped develop Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is an all-day fitness tracker and a highly advanced sports watch in a single device. It has an accelerometer to measure body movement. A custom sensor measures intensity by tracking your heart rate. Apple Watch uses the GPS and Wi-Fi in your iPhone to help track your distance.

Apple Watch measures three aspects of movement.
The Activity app shows three rings: one for Move, one for Exercise, and one for Stand.

The Move ring gives you an overview of how active you are. The Exercise ring measures brisk activity. The Stand ring shows how often you’ve stood up to take a break from sitting.

The Workout app shows real-time stats such as calories, time, distance, and pace for your workouts. Set goals, chart your progress, and earn awards as you track specific workouts, such as running, walking, and cycling.

You can track your progress over time in more detail with the Fitness app on iPhone.
It stores all your activity data, and lets you see your workout history whenever you want. Over time, Apple Watch gets to know you the way a good personal trainer would. 

We’ve curated Apple Watch into three collections that consider personal style and taste. Apple Watch requires iPhone. It works with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus. Apple Watch will start at $349. And will be available early next year.


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