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A backpacker's glimpse of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Square moat surrounding the city center
As part of our itinerary, we are visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand because of it's great reviews and it is thought to be the best place for digital nomads - us - people who earn a living online; web developers, designers, programmers, bloggers, who loves traveling on a shoe string budget. list of best places for Digital Nomads
Through the eyes of a Filipino backpacker.

The city sidewalk at 4PM
Grace on one of the temples.

Buddhist temples in every block 
Intricate designs on top of every temple
So what makes it best for Digital Nomads?

  • Internet Speed - shops here usually would have 8Mbps - 20Mbps download speed. Really great for online work, finishing deliverables. Upload ranges from 2Mbps - 4Mbps
  • Cost of Living
  • Temperature - 16 - 18 degrees in the morning, 26 - 34 degrees mid day
  • Culture - mixed culture and follows Buddhist way of life and outlook
Let's check the figures compared to Philippines (Cebu)

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