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Top 30 Coffee Shops in Chiang Mai - Part 2

So, here the 2nd part of the list.

Happy Espresso Bar
Download: 13 Mbps | Upload: 2 Mbps | Ping: 20 ms
Overall rating: 4 cups | Wifi rating: 2 bars
Located on the south border of Old Town, Happy Espresso doesn’t really look like a coffee shop with it’s bright orange signboard on white wall, and the round stone tables in the big empty garden will make you think that you’re in the wrong place, but you’re not! Cross the garden and get to the site where you won’t find anything fancy but everything practical. A few co-working style tables, a counter and a lot of empty space at the back. On the counter everything is about coffee: machine, coffee beans, dripping instrument.

This place is simple and functional: there are plugs, the wifi is sufficiently fast and consistent, the coffee is made to perfection and the good sized seating is comfortable.

There’s no food available and there are just 3 tables in total but it doesn’t get very busy (at least it wasn’t when I was there), so you shouldn’t have any problems finding a spot.

Chiang Mai Breakfast World
Download: 5.3 Mbps | Upload: 0.5 Mbps | Ping: 651 ms
Overall rating: 2.5 cups | Wifi rating: 1 bars
Chiang Mai Breakfast World, located in a very hidden alley in Old Town, really is a paradise for breakfast lovers but not as much for workaholics. The menu is rich with options: from savory to sweet and, even if pricey, the portions are generous, so go there hungry! On the weekend they do a Prosecco breakfast as well and of course the place gets a lot more busy.

The seating area is outside but is covered, so you can stay in the shade. It’s separated from the street by a hedge of flowers and plants creating a nice green atmosphere. There are big tables with decent seats, a few plugs available and nice background music.

Unfortunately the connection is quite slow and unreliable. The tasty breakfast attracts many people, which means that you don’t want to occupy the table for too long.

The Larder Cafe & Bar
Download: 11.6 Mbps | Upload: 1.2 Mbps | Ping: 86 ms
Overall rating: 2 cups | Wifi rating: 3 bars
This small cafe in Nimmanahaeminda area serves superb food that combines fresh ingredients and an original menu. The coffee is as excellent as the food but, unfortunately, work wise it’s not the best. The cafe is small and cozy, which creates a nice atmosphere, but the small tables and the lack of seats can be problematic if you need to work.

The Larder Cafe is popular and can get very busy, which means that you might have to sit on the counter where there isn’t space for your laptop. Even if you get one of the slightly bigger tables, keeping it busy for a long time after your meal will make you feel guilty.

The connection is pretty good and is stable so it can still be a very good start for the day, just go early in the morning so you can have a big enough table and get something done while you eat your awesome breakfast.

Also, be aware of the opening hours: the kitchen closes at 2 pm (even though the cafe closes at 3pm) and they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

ImmAim Vegetarian Cafè
Download: 9.7 Mbps | Upload: 0.8 Mbps | Ping: 80 ms
Overall rating: 3 cups | Wifi rating: 2 bars
Set in a quiet and breezy garden just outside Old Town, Imm Aim Cafè will help find your inner peace.

When I visited this place it was quiet and the few people that were there were enjoying the relaxing atmosphere with a book. The big trees in the garden provide plenty of shade, plus there are some fans to help you cool down from Chiang Mai’s heat. The relaxing atmosphere might be too relaxing for some and could make you want to read a book or go and take a nap instead of being productive. However, if that’s not the case, you’ll be happy to see the big western sized tables with comfortable seats.

They have a good selection of healthy vegetarian food plus tea, coffee and smoothies. The wifi is decent and there are a few plugs available so you’ll also be able to get work done if that’s what you’re after. Definitely a spot to try if you like extremely quiet gardens to concentrate or relax.

The Hideout
Download: 4.4 Mbps | Upload: 0.8 Mbps | Ping: 51 ms
Overall rating: 2 cups | Wifi rating: 1 bars
Just outside the East part of Old Town, The Hideout is a small, simple place but full of flavor. It’s located on a smaller street so although it has an open front with a few tables outside, it’s still quiet enough. The tables outside are very small and low, but inside you will find higher and more workable seating.

The style is a little impersonal and cold but the food is absolutely delicious! They mainly serve sandwiches and bagels, which are very filling and very tasty. I had a salmon and avocado bagel and my salivation increases every time I think about it.

The internet is free but slow and a bit intermittent. Overall it’s not a great working spot if you need fast or reliable internet, but if you just need to catch up on some email or other basic things for a few hours then you can do it from there while enjoying some awesome food.

Into The Woods
Download: 2 Mbps | Upload: 0.1 Mbps | Ping: 60 ms
Overall rating: 3 cups | Wifi rating: 1 bars
As soon as I walked in, I was in love.

Located in the north part of Old Town, the place is colorful and decorated but not messy. The wall painting and the three looking columns make you feel like you’re stepping in to the Little Red Riding Hood. The fairy tale theme is present in all the decoration but isn’t overdone.

The coffee is average and they serve food, both western and Thai. The atmosphere is perfect: quiet but with light background music and good sized tables that are comfortable. It could be perfect if they only had decent internet. Unfortunately their internet connection was really bad during my visit. When I was there the place was busy and the connection was almost unusable; slow and sketchy. Many students go there because it’s actually a really good place if you need to concentrate, so if you need to do some writing and you don’t need fast or reliable internet, it might work very well for you.

Unfortunately, it’s not the place for you if you are looking for a reliable connection.

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