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The captivating Balut Island, Olanivan, Tuke Maleng & Nunsol

Olanivan Island
Boarding the wooden-hulled ferry from General Santos City, the overnight journey to these remote islands can be an adventure in itself, traversing the capricious waters of Sarangani Strait, where the Pacific Ocean funnels into the Celebes Sea.

Olanivan Island's sand are pinkish - that of Zamboanga's Sta. Cruz Island
At Php 320-350 from GenSan, expect to be awakened at Balut Island that provides oases of calm like Bolae Cove, Tuke Nunsol and Paras Beach, where one can safely swim or snorkel in sheltered waters. Moreover, Tuke Maklang Beach Resort offers a castaway experience in a peaceful cove colonized by thousands of squeaky flying foxes.

The island is inhabitied by thousands of bats!
Balut Island, also known as Malulong, is a volcanic island south of the tip of Davao Occidental province in the Mindanao region, Southern Philippines. Located in the center of the island is the Balut Volcano, a fumarolic volcano with no historical eruptions.

Tuke Maklang
When you’re in Balut, it’s a must to visit: Olanivan and Tuke Maklang and Tuke Nunsol. I hired a motorboat for Php 1500 and he toured me around and guided me in Balut. His name is Mahaling whose numbers are: 09265800719.

Heading towards Tuke Maklang
PS: Only “Globe” network works in Balut Island so take that as a tip and enjoy discovering this remote island whose waters are the torquiest I’ve seen.

Sabang Hot Spring also known as Mainit

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