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Marbleous Romblon

Romblon is not for the faint of heart as it's not an easy destination.

Destination 1: Tinagong Dagat

Romblon is composed primarily of 3 main islands which are Tablas, Sibuyan and Romblon island. If you want to travel to the other island, there are boats travelling on a daily basis from San Agustin (Tablas) to Romblon to Sibuyan.

Luckily, there is an airport in Tablas so if you fancy an easier route take the PAL flight to Romblon. However, normally, one would travel from Manila to Batangas then to Romblon which normally takes from 13-15hrs. Since I came from Cebu, going to Romblon, I have to take the 2G0 boat that travels all the way to Manila but has to pass by Ormoc to Masbate then Romblon eventually.

It's a laid back province and so many off the beaten path for travellers who'd like isolation. Tinagong dagat is awesome. The view especially if you can jump from the sharp cliff to the next is a stunner. Tiamban beach and the marine sanctuary in Looc is not to be missed. Labelling it as awesome is a mere understatement.

Although Romblon has been known for marbles, the beach is a take-away and it wouldn't be long before this becomes the next tourist destination especially since there is an Odiongan - Boracay boat on a frequent basis.

One thing that I've learned which is pretty interesting is that by the first letter of the family name, you'd know from which municipality that person came from if they are from Romblon. In Romblon, Romblon for example, most of them starts with the letter "M".

The journey to Romblon was an experience in itself. Was aboard this 2GO vessel for 26hrs at Php1.3k+ one-way inclusive of 3 meals on a tourist-accommodation.

I was pleasantly surprised to experienced my longest travel by sea with 2G0. It was no less than a hotel as far as the amenities are concerned and the abundance of food. The only caveat though is that they are a bit more expensive like Php40 for a 3-in-1-coffee and Php60 for a 1litre of mineral water smile emoticon

Nevertheless, I highly recommend taking #2GO for journeys bound to Ormoc, Masbate, Romblon and even Manila if you're not fancy with time. It takes longer than a plane ride but the experience was amazing.


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