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We are not poor, we are just on the path of becoming rich.

Totong's speech for school about his take on Poverty.

To be truly poor is to accept you are one and not doing something about it. Take everything from a person with the right state of mind and I assure you that he can still climb back up and stand on his feet. But give everything to a man with the wrong state of mind and somehow and someway he still manages to loose all of it and hit rock bottom.

Let me ask you a question, what does a one time millionaire and a person from rags to riches have in common?

At some point of their life, there have limited resources but one thing that sets them apart from each other is how they think. The other thinks about pleasure while the latter thinks about his future.
John at Raffles Quay Singapore.

Our mind is one powerful ally and our body is what make everything else possible.

Let me tell you a story about a boy. He lost his father at a young age and moved places to look for greener pastures. To tell you the truth, he was not a genius nor his IQ surpasses that of Einstein’s but he was a dreamer. As the eldest child of a humble food vendor, his mind was mature and he worked to provide not just for his needs but also for his family.

When he was in the university, he took different part time jobs, from modeling, to private tuition down to retail. On his last semester, he failed a subject. Knowing that he need to retake and that the family budget is limited, he decided to work at the same time. He joined the business process outsourcing agency where he earned quite decently but then he wanted more, to live comfortably.

After half a score, he quit the job and was doing freelance jobs knowing that he can earn more. Opportunities led to another until he found himself in Singapore. He can literally book one way ticket in a snap, enjoy the convenience of life and still manage to support his family.

Now, you might be wondering how do I know all this. Am I just making it up?
That is because I am his younger brother. I’ve seen him cry, heard him complain, seen him fail and observed him grow.

Poverty is not an excuse nor it is a handicap. It is something that can inspire or weigh you down. It all depends on you.

Before I end, I want to change everyone’s perspective about poverty.
When you declare that you are poor and don’t do something about it then you loose the war called life. Life isn’t fair to everyone. We all have our dilemma and different circumstances and it is up to us to make something out of it.

When we hit rock bottom, I want you to remember that we are not poor, we are just on the path of becoming rich.
Don't cry and get up to continue the fight.

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