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12 Kilos of Happiness in 60 Days

Gone where the days where the Photoshop liquify tool was the primary weapon to hide insecurities, masked flabs and warp curves. 

Left Photo taken last July 26, 2019 at 86.7 kilos. Right Photo taken last Sept 26, 2019 at 74.3 kilograms.

This is in response to the body transformation post that I have uploaded through my Instagram and Facebook which gained about 3.2k views combined and received about 400+ messages within 12 hours - asking on how I manage to lose a total of 12.4 kilos / 27.3 pounds in 60 Days.

Here are the tracked figures:

1st Month: July 26, 2019
Weight:  86.7 Kilogram

2nd Month: Sept 26, 2019  
Weight: 74.3 Kilogram

The post was intended to benchmark any progress made through making a healthier lifestyle and diet. Second, to be healthier - be young, feel good and look sharp. And third is to set an example and encourage everyone that through strict discipline, focus and perceverance to reach your fitness goal is a possibility and not just a dream.

What made me decide to start this fitness journey?
Going back to my life challenges - diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer last 2017, did Radio Active treatment last 2018 then moved to Singapore within the same quarter, extended family legal matters here and there, then Mom's death last Feb this year - 2019 made me recollect that life is short and I need make the most of it.

Just in time that I have seen my cousin Dianne's post on Facebook that she followed a diet plan and within a few months, it shocked the whole family that she got slimmer and look younger. She introduced me to the diet plan and the eating habit and frequency which got me jumpstarted to try it out.

I am promoting a lifestyle.

So what made me lose the weight that easily in 2 months?
LESS CARBS. I am doing the Low Carb Intermittent Fasting (LCIF)

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist and does not prove that my approach applies to all body type, age, and to those with existing medical conditions. I am lucky to get a guidance from Dr Mark Ong of Diet Wise where he customized a meal plan for me. It took me about a year to follow what he created for me. It woud be strongly advised before you take the shift and change of this diet to consult with your doctor or nutritionist to have a medically sound headstart.

What is Low Carb Intermittent Fasting (LCIF)?
We can split the word into two (2). Low Carb is the diet that I am following ensuring only 20 grams of carbohydrate intake within a day.  Intermittent Fasting is the frequency of eating. I am doing a 16:8. This means that I fast and do not eat within 16 hours. Then I have the 8 hour window to eat meals. Again the meal should be low carb, I count the carbohyrate in grams - only 20grams allowed and not per caloric intake.

In a nutshell, this means that: STRICTLY NO RICE & NO SWEETS.

What are the general lifestyle recommendations?
  • Choose fruits and vegetables dark in color for maximum antioxidant contents
  • Eat a minimum of 2 servings of your veggies every lunch and dinner
  • Eat vegetables annd fruits first before eating your healthy protein and high-fiber carbohydrates during meals.
  • Eat more vegetable protei, especially from beans in general and soybeans like tofu tempeh, soy milk and the likes in particular
  • Eat more whole-foods that are minimally processed to give rest to your organs
  • Choose healthy fats like ghee, coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil and cold pressed coconut oil. These should be sold and stored in dark colored bottles or in cans to preserve annd to prevent oxidation from light.

What are the FOODS TO AVOID?
  • NO RICE - all types and kinds of rice, even brown, black and corn rice.
  • NO SUGAR including coco sugar and muscovado
  • NO Pasta, Oatmeal, Flours like Wheat Flour and All Purpose Flour
  • NO Biscuits, goodbye Skyflakes!
  • NO Munggo
  • NO Banana and Sweet Potato - any kind of banana and kamote
  • NO High Carbohydrate Veggies like Squash, Pumpkin, Potato, Carrot and ALL Rootcrops
  • NO MILK - fresh milk, skim milk, whole milk, evap or condense milk
  • NO Peas, corn, beans, lentins and quinoa. These are not vegetables and contain more carbohydrates.
  • NO OILS such as Vegetable, Sunflower, Canola and Palm Oils
  • NO Margarine like Dairy Creme
  • NO 3-in-1 Coffee, Chocolate drinks like Milo, Nestea
  • NO Beer
  • NO Honey
  • NO Processed foods - canned goods, junk foods, cured meats like tocino, chorizo and hotdogs
I know that's a lot of long list and its likely to be more than 50% of your daily consumption, this diet is not if for the faint hearted but for those who wanted to be serious on getting healthy and lose weight.

If you are doing an intermittent fasting, you can do 12:12 or 16:8 or 23:1... This is indicate the hours between the fasting over the feasting time allocation. In your fasting time, meaning you are not eating anything, you are ONLY ALLOWED black coffee, green tea and water. There should be no sugar added ont hese drinks. I know theres a long list on what not to eat, well here's the list of 

What are the ALLOWED FOODS?
  • Rice - Cauli Rice and Shirataki Rice/Noodles
  • Bread - Almond bread, coconut bread, cloud bread, flourless bread.
  • Flour - Almond Flour & Coconut flour only
  • Desserts - Avocado and berries like Strawberry and Blueberry
  • Proteins:
    • Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey, Goat
    • Seafoods like Crab, Lobster, Shrimp, Squid, Fish, Shellfish
    • Eggs - balot, penoy, quail, ostrich, salted edd and century egg
    • Internal organs like liver, heart, intestines and stomach
    • Lechon, Chicharon, Bulalo, Sisig, Isaw, Liempo, Embutido, Bicol Express, Chicken Wings
  • Mayonnaise - Kewpie Mayo
  • Gelatin - Agar agar, Jello & Knox
  • Veggies - best low carb veggies include cauliflower, spinash, petchay, brocolli, zucchini, kangkong, arugula, kale, cabbage, lettuce, mushroom, bean sprouts
  • Fruits - Avocado, Strawberry and Lemon ONLY!
  • Milk - Almond and Coconut Milk
  • Oil - Lard, Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, Olive Oil, Pure Ghee, Butter
    • Butter includes Anchor, Magnolia Gold, Kerry Gold
  • Cream - Nestle Cream, All Purpose Cream,  Whipping Cream
  • Coffee - Nescafe Classic, Great Taste Premium, Tasters Choice. Anything as long as its Black
  • Tea - Green Tea Lipton, Twinnings, Dilmah, Sencha and literally any tea brand
  • Noodles - Shirataki Noodles
  • Nuts - Almonds, Pili, Pecan, Peanut limit only to 1 handfl
  • Tuna - any tuna in water, brine or olive oil
  • Chocolate - 80% Dark Chocolate or 100% cocoa unsweetened Ricoa or Hersheys
  • Condiments - iodized salt, rock salt, himalayan salt, pepper, basil, Italian seasoning, parsley, oregano and laurel
  • Spread - Cheddar Cheese, Gouda, Parmesa, Mozarella and cream cheese but take only in moderation
  • Yogurt - plain or greek yogurt in moderation
  • Alcohol - Vodka, Rhum, Whisky, Tanduay, any so as long as its hard liquor
  • Chia seeds, flax seeds and psyllium husk

Additional Recommendations
  • Take all vitamins during feasting time. If taking medication, best to consult your doctor for the Intermittent Fasting schedule
  • If exercising, exercise on your fasting period to burn more calories and fats
  • Limit your carbohydrate intake to 20 grams per day. If you are still starting for the 1st week, you can start at 200 grams per day then slowly cut dow.
  • Always check nutrional facts and ingredients on all processed food and food that is in the container and start counting carbs no calories
  • Check for hidden sugar like Dextrose & Maltodextrin, this is a no no no.
  • You can eat unlimited listed veggies only on your feasting period. Put on heavily on meat as not to get you starving and empty stomach
  • Eat when you are hungry within your feasting period only. Stop when you are full. You should not feel bloated.
  • Check your lipid profile and blood tests before starting, this gets you a good understading of your profile. This is good to get you a good benchmark and comparison between your start date and on your 3rd month.
  • If taking any medicine and maintenance meds on existing condition, consult your doctor.
I will continue to be posting recipes and food choices and options for you. If you have questions, feel free to comment and message me on Facebook.

With proper diet and exercise, then you definitely can achieve that fitness goal.
Need to change my clothes as its becoming too big now.
If I can do it, why can't you?
I am excited to know more about your fitness journey...
This is a passion worth sharing, come on, let's do it and let's talk!


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