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What can be achieved in 3 Months even staying at home?

3 Months Progress

When I was searching around and spend countless number of hours for the right program, I stumbled upon one fitness guru which struck me the most. Why? Since I am in the marketing field, I am impressed on how this guy does his funnel pages, client nurture and online support community. 

Practice what you preach as they say. 
I say I follow what gets me results, makes me feel and look good.

Who does not want a super model body that is oozing with appeal and overflowing with charisma?  I am quite far but at least slow progress will get me there, eventually. Well, that is everybody's dream. And, many people today are actually going out of their way just to shape up and turn more heads when they pass by. Shaping up is actually a quest for beauty, and beauty is among the gigantic factors to enjoying life to the fullest. Although many may still adhere to the conservative cliche that real beauty comes from within, the modern world has actually revealed that the physique of a person is vital to living. Besides, your own body is your own responsibility. So, why not take care of it? And does those likes and comments on your post makes you feel good?

Many concerned people and institutions today are working hand in hand towards promoting health awareness among the public. Fitness-oriented stuffs abound the online arena. There are fitness gyms in every locale to cater to the health-related concerns and needs of people. There are also various programs, in Youtube and Facebook alike, as well as via other media, whose goal is to get people to be more concerned about health issues and the way to improve living by enhancing their health. One of the many effective mediums used today is the social media and eBook download. Online fitness magazines have come to be one of the most in demand reading materials among people coming from different age groups.

The best thing about every fitness magazine is the variety of topics being discussed. From the most common to the most sensitive health-related problem, you will easily find them from cover to cover. Whether you are dealing or coping with an actual life-threatening disease like cancer, (you can read my story about it)or just annoyed by your hair that will not remain primly and properly in place, you can turn to fitness and health magazines to give you useful and practical insights and advice about these issues. 

One more reason that makes health magazines more popular is the freedom that they give. Unlike structured health activities, magazines will give you the opportunity to be more finicky and to select only what you think applies to you best. You can do this without having the pressure posed by time and other external elements like instructors and programs to which you have to adhere. You actually have the privilege to experiment and have fun with whatever treasure you may find within the magazine covers.

Fitness magazines actually promote balance and harmony in life. Each article that is written is geared towards the enhancement of every aspect of a person. And although the main focus may be physical health, they aim to promote holistic being and wellness. Good health always starts from within. Once it is planted, it will bear the seed of well-being that will be reflected by the total aura and personality of a person. In the end, what results is a healthier and happier disposition that will give you the freedom and the opportunity to appreciate life and the world around you. Fitness magazines are cost-effective means of getting healthier while having fun in the process. 

Wanted to know my secret? It's Minimalist fitness by Cho Lim.
You can check out his online magazine here -

I am no way been paid nor get referral compensation and an affiliate for his site.
The program is worth every peso spent and as long as you follow the guidelines, you will see results.

Before and After - 3 Months results

I am proud to be a #lazylifter and hope this helps you kickstart your fitness journey.
One thing to take away, small progress is still progress after all.

For fitness advise on how did I manage to achieve such results, feel free to send me a message here:


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