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From 1 to 4 aquarium tanks in 3 months


Tank Setup
November 8, 2021 - I got my first aquarium tank in Singapore.

It all started when I notice that my zoom meeting background were all virtual - fake, plain and boring. I average about 6-8 meeting daily, so I decided to put my 65" TV screen with aquarium HD loop movies from YouTube to make it exciting, refreshing and conversation starter.

I have been working from home since March 2020 and life has been quite steady after all my fitness journey goals. So the idea of getting a real tank was added on my checklist.

Then after countless hours researching, reading and thinking over - I made the first step. The first tank I've got was a 10 gallon tank. I thought of just getting an all in one tank, cost me about $80 at That Aquarium. This will save me hassle of getting a water pump, lights, substrates individually. 

I initially stock it with tiger, albino & green barbs because of their active schooling behaviour and them being a bully. I am a self confessed bully so my fish should resonate of who I am. If there are bullies, you got to have someone to bully right? Thus the monie and the silver bala shark. 

Yes, they nip here and there... satisfying...

10 Gallon tank setup

After a week, as I have overstock the fishes. Now I have 4 types of barbs, bala shark, tiger loaches and monies, well about 40 fishes now which requires a bigger space.So then I got myself my 2nd tank - a 30 gallon. This time, I individually pick lights, filters, substrate and added plants too. Viola, the 2nd tank has been setup.

Then day after day, week after week ... OCD kicks in, thinking of the what ifs... What if I will try a planted tank, what if a bigger tank, what if a natural looking tank, what if a community tank...

Sooner or later, I was so into the hobby already - then got myself another tank. From 10 gallon, to 30 gallon now, tedengggg... 50 gallon.

Low and behold, my 50 gallon tank setup - all naturale. The setup have drift wood, real plants, volcanic stone substrate, sun like lighting, auto temperature adjustments and superb zero nitrate, nitrate, controlled pH level and natural filtration system.

Total Spent this time: $850, well about Php 32,000.00 - could have bought a lot of ensaymada for my brother Jeffry.

The setup stayed well for 30 days. As the month ends, pay comes in and yet itching for another tank setup. Thinking of getting a cichlid tank, a sandy bottom one and a dessert kind of theme or how about a 2 layer tank setup?

Why just think, if you can manifest, feel and achieve it?

As what I keep telling myself, "unsaon manang kwarta ig kamatay, ibanig?" (What to do with money when you die, lay on it? #yolo. Do what makes you happy.

After 3 months, ~$1,500 spent (~Php 57,000) on aquarium, fish, accessories, fish food and everything fish, I now have a community tank, an oscar tank, a cichlid tank and a planted tank, specialized tank for different types and kinds of fishes ranging from South American cichlids to Asian fresh water species.

Through this aquarium hobby journey, I learned a lot of things. I learned to read more and research more about the subject matter. It made me feel closer to nature. I used to scuba dive 3x a day and since pandemic, it has been about 2 years I haven't been underwater. I also learned where to source out quality fish, aquatic industry prices and procure aquarium acessories - perhaps I can build my own fish farm or fish store when I retire. I gathered tons of ideas and facts about the hobby, way more than what I have paid for on this hobby. And I know now how to burn money & time faster.

I can now speak pH, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Cichlid types, temperaments, substrate and beneficial bacteria. From community stocking, fish harmony to fresh water parameters and considerations.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. If there is a will, there is a way (bahalag kitkit kuko, even though you munch on your fingernails). Nuggets of wisdom and proved it to be true.


My heart is full but still itching for yet another type of fish.

How about the most expensive fish in the world, THE AROWANA? How much can you spend for an ornamental fish?

Spoiler Alert!!! I got my first ever Crossback Golden Asian Arowana. 

Stay tune for my article about it.

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